Adding widget to Squarespace

  1. Copy your embed code provided by TickCounter. If you don't have a counter yet, go and create one.
  2. When editing a page in Squarespace, click on the Edit button in one of the page sections.
  3. Squarespace
  4. Add a new block by clicking on one of the available places.
  5. Squarespace
  6. Choose Code block.
  7. Squarespace
  8. Paste your embed code in the box and click Apply.
  9. Squarespace
  10. Click on the Save button to confirm your changes.
  11. Squarespace
  12. Hit F5 to refresh the page and enjoy your new widget!
  13. Squarespace
  14. Doesn't work without a page refresh? One more thing then. Go to Blog Page, then in Home Menu, click Design and then Style Editor. Uncheck Enable Ajax Loading.

In order to remove a link to TickCounter from your widget, you will need a premium account.

If you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact us at